Re: [Gimp-developer] OSX

Michael B.,

I am confused. Which version of OSX do you have? My version supports Snow
Leopard to Yosemite.

I just checked and here is a screenshot from 2.8.14 (I am running Yosemite):

Can you send me a screenshot or tell me how it looks on your system? Also,
it's possible your system does not have the iso-codes necessary for the
language display. If so, we can easily (I think) fix this.

If you are using my version, you can also leave me a message on my website
or also post on


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 5:57 AM, Michael Bauer <fios akerbeltz org> wrote:

Hi Michael

Thanks. On my slightly older MacBook (which has a version of OSX which
does not support gd at all) I have the same problem, only [System language]
and [English] are on offer. I borrowed a friend's newer Mac where you can
set gd as the locale (though it doesn't actually change the UI language),
GIMP does now come up in Gaelic. However, I went to check the Settings and
oddly enough (in Gaelic), it offers me [System language] and [Gaelic

Two questions, why - since there IS a manual UI language selection menu -
are there only 2 locales on offer, default and English? Surely the mo, po
or whatever format files GIMP uses to provide the UI are not *that* large
that they cannot be included? And why is Gaelic shown as [Gaelic (en-US)]?

Minor bug possibly? The toolbars are not visible when the program starts
but when I hit the yellow button to minimize the GIMP window, it minimizes
and (automatically) maximizes again but this time with the toolbars on top.
Everything else seems to be working but I'll play with it a bit more.


11/09/2014 01:59, sgrìobh Michael Schumacher:

We got a preview of a 2.8.14 dmg available at

Made by Sven Claussner, and could use some testing.

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