[gDesklets] gDesklets Documentation project ; ) - was: The What's New page for 0.36.1


I just digged a bit deeper into the Gnome Documentatioon project (or
whatever) and on IRC they told me that the pages are done using the
library-web tools:


That's where I am basically stuck right now ;).

Anyway, before we set up everything to have multi-language documentation
it might be a good idea to collect some basic thought about it.

So far we agreed to put everything in docbook on launchpad and use the
gnome-doc utils to create the translated docbooks.
Next step would be to use the library-web tools to create the xhtml output.

So, this might be a good idea for release-base documentation like the
"what's new pages", maybe even the develbook (shall we create a new
sub-branch for every release ??).

So more things to include would be:

- the basic documentation
- the basic desklets translations (as soon as translations are supported
by gDesklets)

Would be using the method mentioned above be a good choice for these
docs, too ?!

What about other things, like HowTos, FAQ etc. ?!
Do we want/need to
a.) provide these docs (+1)
b.) offer translated versions (+1)
c.) better use a different system (like a user wiki or a drupal module)
for this (??)

Just wondering... ;)

Greetings, Bjoern

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