Re: [gDesklets] The What's New page for 0.36.1

Hi again,

> as we are now - more or less - part of the Gnome family we might start
> using their documentation system, too ?!
> So we could follow this guide:
> and set up our own branch like this one:

OK, taking the links above and this one:

I was able to set up the following directory structure:


with all needed files.

So if you now change e.g. the de.po file in de/ directory there will be
a translated whatsnew.xml created in the de/ directory by "make".
Pretty simple and straight-forward, especially when you use a
translation tool like e.g. the gtranslator.

So now we could easily set up a new lp branch for all the docs to be
translated. Or use one of the existing ones (e.g. develbook, documentation).

Here are my suggestions:

- the develbook
- the what's new pages
- the basic documentation
- the basic desklets (?)
- more desklets/controls ?!

More ideas anyone ?
Or better use the launchpad translation system ?

Greetings, Bjoern

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