Re: [gDesklets] Domain

Hi there,

> I just want to inform you that I'll cancel the domain 
> next year. This will happen on 14th of June 2009.

Hmmm... OK, before it gets "lost" (or whatever) and if noone else is too
keen on taking it I would be glad to help out and take it.

> But since I'm no longer involved in gdesklets...

which is pretty "sad but true" :(.

> ... it's about time that someone else manages/pays for it.

Again: if noone else will do it... just contact me in time for the
paperwork to be done.
What about ? Same problem ?

> Maybe you can find a sponsor... I'll see what I can do for now. 
> Webspace isn't a problem, since linux professionals takes care of it.

That's fine ;).

Anyway... maybe it's time for some kind of "board meeting" to see who's
still involved and in charge etc.

Greetings, Bjoern

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