Re: [gDesklets] The What's New page for 0.36.1


>> But if we really start with translations it might be a good idea to
>> use
>> something like docbook.
>  I'll research further into this.
>> So we just need and XSLT for it, right?
>> As the pages are based on Gnome's "what's new pages" we might be lucky
>> and uses their XSLT ?!

OK, just as a starting point:

as we are now - more or less - part of the Gnome family we might start
using their documentation system, too ?!

So we could follow this guide:

and set up our own branch like this one:

We could uses this system/branch for:

- the develbook
- the what's new pages
- the basic documentation
- the basic desklets
- more desklets/controls ?!

Furtheremore we could even use launchpad's translation system. But I am
quite not sure about how it works and if it would really be useful for
the documentation (project). More infos (a basic introduction) might be
found here:

putting everything (what's new pagses, develbook) into XML and using the
Gnome tools looks fine for me. I am going to do some tests and report here.
With launchpad's translation section for the documentation... well...
any opinions ?! ;)

Greetings, Bjoern

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