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  • [ANNOUNCE] GARNOME 2.17.92 -- "build awareness days", guenther
  • [Bug 412904] New: gamin build error on RH9, GARNOME (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • [Bug 411345] New: 2.17.91 gnome-themes requires icon-naming-utils, GARNOME (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • fun with nautilus, Robert Ford
  • [Bug 334769] nautilus fails link with older GNOME pre-installed, GARNOME (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • [Bug 333533] gamin-related build failure on SUSE 10.0, GARNOME (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • Linus's metacity patches, Robert Ford
  • [Bug 396207] Build issue on address-conduit, Evolution (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • confusing error building gnome-keyring-0.7.91 (garnome-2.17.91), Myles Green
  • pygobject error in gar-2.17.91, Robert Ford
  • [ANNOUNCE] GARNOME 2.17.91 -- "go go gadget garnome", guenther
  • [GARNOME-users] subject header, Robert Smith
  • Beagle Patch, Lucas Mazzardo Veloso
  • Next release of garnome, Stef van der Made
  • libvolume_id (udev) update, Robert Ford
  • gnome-python-desktop crash, Robert Ford
  • GARNOME 2.16.3 -- "I, Robot", guenther
  • [Bug 403509] New: hal-kernel-includes patch does not apply cleany, GARNOME (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • [Bug 358126] showdeps needs a MAXDEPTH parameter, GARNOME (bugzilla.gnome.org)
  • Re: garfile 'evolution-exchange' on Ubuntu Edgy, Justin Conover

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