Re: [ANNOUNCE] GARNOME 2.17.91 -- "go go gadget garnome"

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 10:54:18 +0000, Yiannis Mavroukakis wrote:

> Hi Stef,
> Would it be a good idea to have a feature where by the conflicting
> changes are uninstalled and replaced with the new ones? I am thinking of
> a "diff" release which is only made up of the new features, which will
> a)be smaller in build size b)quicker in build time. One avenue of this
> being done could be by comparing versions of a previous garnome tree
> with the existing one, uninstalling conflicting/upgraded apps and libs
> and installing the new ones.
> Y
Garnome is a complete build system. What you want to do would require
upgrading the modules yourself. Part of the difficulty is that Gnome
releases its update into discreet directories, and copies all component
tarballs to them whether or not they are the same as the last version. So
even though 2.17.91 may contain the same versions of many modules, they
are in a completely different tree and there would be no way to check on
download whether or not its there or not. Perhaps you could save time in
downloading, but not in compiling UNLESS some modules resided on your host
system and you bypassed compiling them all together.

You are correct that some things don't change version to version. HOWEVER,
since this is beta code, its possible there are ABI changes and this would
force a recompilation of the entire tree.

What you want to do is possible only if you manage and control the build
tree yourself or update from svn/cvs periodically and recompile.

Not speaking for the devs, but Garnome attempts to provide a
complete build system. There are ways to bypass compilation of some
modules that may reside on a host system, but not from one garnome tree to
another. Right now, the GAR system does not check for existence of
anything other that what occurs during the configure run.


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