Re: Can we improve things?

> On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 04:00 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote: 
> [...]
> > It's also related to *why* people
> > want to be on Planet GNOME -- for instance, it sucks that some people make
> > blogs solely to be published on Planet GNOME.
> Curiously, why does that suck ?
> Not everybody likes to make a hobby out of writing a personal journal, some 
> people who do not share this journaling hobby otoh do have interesting 
> things to post to a planet with a specific audience.
> How are those people's blogs less valuable ?

I'd even go one step further saying than most people care about gnome
and gnome apps, and not about one's cats and the other's culinar

There are too many posts everyday on gnome, as highlighted by a few
persons in this thread. I don't think limiting access would be of any
help, but maybe it's time to (somewhat) focus the editorial line or our
planet, for instance by only showing posts tagged "gnome" by their

As an alternative, we could even have two planets: one about gnome, and
one about peoples. 

Because despite Gnome is people, I think that for most people, Planet
Gnome is primarily about Gnome.

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