Re: Can we improve things?

On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 01:14 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Just so everyone knows: That is *extremely* unlikely to happen. There has
> been significant support for the editorial stewardship of Planet GNOME for
> ages now. When I last considered making it a free-for-all, there was a *LOT*
> of pushback. Despite the occasional maintenance issues that has not changed.

*sigh*, I wonder what you are basing this claim on, maybe there's an
archived thread that you could reffer us to which details that ?

Its really not that I dont trust your casual word that there was a lot of
pushback[1], I just wonder if this pushback is comming from the community 
as a whole or just from a few fearful and "central" developers of gnome
(underlining "central" as the offending word in that sentence).

I think its important to note here that giving someone access to blog
on planet gnome is like publicly aknowlaging that they are indeed a part
of the gnome community - people who contribute to the project need to
feel like they are part of the project. Currently it seems like there
is even more sensorship in planet membership than svn access - to me
that sounds backwards, the people writing the code are the people who
define the backbone of our community and we need to aknowlage that
(whether or not we like what they have to say on the planet).

> > That way you get democracy at both ends - posting and viewing.
> GNOME is not democratic. :-)

Well, gnome is people that have a choice to contribute or not - making
those people (i.e. you me and everyone else) feel accepted and important
is central to having a healthy project where everyone wants to be


[1]: I really hate to be the one to ask for references etc or
"play hardball" so to speak - this is a real issue and IMO
deserves real attention, I'm not taking offence and I hope
my comments are not precieved as offensive.

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