Re: Can we improve things?

On 9/12/07, Dave Neary <bolsh gnome org> wrote:
> All aggregation sites go through a process, like mailing lists, where as
> the number of participants goes up, the relevance and quality goes down.
> Look at O'Reilly's Radar, when there was only Tim, and no when there are
> 14 or 15 people posting. I think the sweet spot there was about 4 or 5
> writers - for me, the radar's gone to the wrong side of the
> quality/quantity equation.
> The planet's got 245 authors now. There are 48 posts since yesterday
> morning.
> At what point do we recognise that editorial control is necessary for
> the planet to remain a useful resource?

I think that asking people to have tags/categories on their blogs and
not aggregate everything would be better than having all the content
of the ones who arrived first.
Some people currently post everyday about their life and it's never
related to GNOME at all.

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