Re: Can we improve things?

<quote who="Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak">

> > I wonder if this control in itself is a source of frustration to some
> > people who've been contributing code to the gnome project and want to
> > brag about it on planet gnome
> The planet-web hacking file says the editorial policies "seem fascist",
> which seems to acknowledge that view...

I do not acknowledge that view, though I'll happily joke about it.

> I would suggest opening pgo as a free-for-all for those with commit access

Just so everyone knows: That is *extremely* unlikely to happen. There has
been significant support for the editorial stewardship of Planet GNOME for
ages now. When I last considered making it a free-for-all, there was a *LOT*
of pushback. Despite the occasional maintenance issues that has not changed.

> For instance, add the ability to show just the post title for certain 
> posters, with an "expand" button to see the hackergotchi + post. Then if 
> John. Q. Gnome keeps posting shopping lists or pictures of kittens, you 
> click the "collapse view for this blogger by default" button. And if 
> they post something cool-sounding, you can click-to-expand.

You can hide posts based on a CSS class (look for people's nicks in the

> That way you get democracy at both ends - posting and viewing.

GNOME is not democratic. :-)

- Jeff

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