Re: Can we improve things?

We absolutely *do* have editorial control at the moment. The challenge I

I wonder if this control in itself is a source of frustration to some
people who've been contributing code to the gnome project and want
to brag about it on planet gnome

The planet-web hacking file says the editorial policies "seem fascist", which seems to acknowledge that view...

I would suggest opening pgo as a free-for-all for those with commit access, but adding personalization features to pgo.

For instance, add the ability to show just the post title for certain posters, with an "expand" button to see the hackergotchi + post. Then if John. Q. Gnome keeps posting shopping lists or pictures of kittens, you click the "collapse view for this blogger by default" button. And if they post something cool-sounding, you can click-to-expand.

That way you get democracy at both ends - posting and viewing.

- Mike

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