Re: Who would be a good member? [Was: About the coming election]

<quote who="Vincent Untz">

> Also, people tend to forget what they wrote in their introduction after a
> few months :-) Again, as Quim said, it's not because they're bad people.
> It's just really easy to forget the original "plan" when many new things
> have appeared in the meantime!
> (I'm sure I'd be ashamed to see I didn't do what I wrote in mine last
> year)

A couple of times we've tried to build a plan based on those statements, but
the difficulties of doing so in a thorough way over the phone or email have
made it less successful than it could be. I'm hoping the next Board can make
a better go of it, because it would be a great thing to get right at the
start of the year.

(This is why having an in-person Board meeting at the beginning of the term
is such an exciting opportunity, and why I pushed hard to make it possible
this term. No point waiting when we can fix something easily.)

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
   "I haven't been this excited since the introduction of devfs." - Mark
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