Re: Help us prepare a budget for 2008!

<quote who="Vincent Untz">

>  + small meetings/hackfests:

As mentioned to the Board previously, I'd like to put a GNOME Mobile (maybe
also GTK+ if they're keen [1]) summit on the budget agenda for March/April
2008, in Europe. It's far enough away from both the Boston Summit and GUADEC
that I think this will be a good bookend event for the community. Europe
because the vast majority of our Mobile folk are there, and it's expensive
to focus on the Boston Summit for them.


- Jeff

[1] I hope this event can be the GTK+ summit too, but from previous talks, I
get the impression they'd like to have something pretty exclusively GTK+. I
think the natural platform focus of GNOME Mobile and our interest in pushing
GTK+ forward would make this combined event even more worthwhile -- and much
easier to fund, to boot!

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