About the coming election

About the coming election of new board members.

It is time for reflection on whether you would like to run for election,
for the next GNOME Board of Directors, for the next period of eighteen

In my view, it is important to have a variety of skills represented on
the board.

I do not personally believe in a "strong man" dominated board, but
rather in a group of dedicated team players who always has the best
interests of the GNOME Foundation, as well as the GNOME community at

I think that a well run organization, with a welcoming and helpful
attitude towards new comers and beginners who would like to contribute
to the project, would reflect in more cool, user friendly applications
which will make us all happy.

It would also be a good thing to have as global a representation on the
board as possible. For the variety of cultures and the inspiration.

We would welcome candidates from all over the globe. (It would be nice
to see candidates from India and the US for example. As these countries
are not represented at the moment. The GNOME Foundation is a US based
legal entity, which means that we act under US legislation.)

In case you are not able to put in the time it takes being a board
member yourself, you could try to mail a friend you would like to see as
a board member and convince him/her to become a candidate.

We have had two votes on internal, organizational issues apart from the
yearly elections. They have worked fine.
So we might consider asking The GNOME Foundation Members to vote on
important, fundamental issues where it is difficult to deduct what the
opinion of the majority is from the debate.

This idea might also make it even more important to you to be or become
a GNOME Foundation Member.

I am writing this on behalf of myself, and it reflects my personal
experience, and views on being a board member for the past two years.

Kind regards


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