Re: Who would be a good member? [Was: About the coming election]

My 2 cents

> > That in effect perhaps raises the important question "So who would be a
> > good member of the Board?".

- Avoid the 'popularity contest' syndrome. Popular contributors tend
to be busy and you don't want a board of busy members.

- Give a chance to newcomers. I'm planning to vote for something like
3 or less 'sure bets' and 4 or more 'surprises' if there are enough
candidates to choose from. I'm no expert in statistics but I bet it
can be proved that "4 surprises" multiplied by hundred voters results
in something not that surprising anyway. If everybody assures the bet
then the result tend to be even more conservative than most people

- Don't trust much the introduction written by the candidates when
running for election. It's not that they are lying, they just might be
too optimistic on that moment - and they are marketing themselves.
Trust their path in GNOME, their actions and contributions.

- Don't fear voting "wrong". There are no wrong candidates because all
Foundation members have proved a dose of GNOME love. Even a "wrong
board" could not do much more wrong things than a "right board". In
reality the margins of power and action are not that big. I insist the
wrongest mistake is to vote people that is going to be extremely busy
next year. But there is no easy way to predict that, so relax and

- Shall I add 'trust your feelings'?

PS: I won't run for (re)election this year. I feel I haven't been able
to respond to the great backing I got from the last election, mainly
due to... being busy and not dedicating enough time to my GNOME
duties. I feel bad about this and I apologize to those who put any
expectations on me. You see, I'm a good example of someone running for
election with time available and optimistic perspectives, then
something happens and you end up in a very different situation.

Quim Gil ///

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