Re: Can we improve things?

<quote who="John (J5) Palmieri">

> I think any sort of editorial control other than good old individuals
> common sense would break this spirit.

The 'editorial control' I speak of is *only* about whose blogs are included
on Planet GNOME, not what they write once they are included.

> I believe what is at issue here is that there are those who felt they
> deserved to be on Planet GNOME but never got any answers yay or nay to
> their queries.

Very, very few have 'never' got answers. Some have received delayed answers,
due to maintainer busyness, email load and travelling. That's the issue I'm
dealing with re: published guidelines and maintainership team. Some believe
that "just putting it in SVN" (which it already is) or "just doing requests
via bugzilla" will solve everything. Sadly, that's not the case. A very tiny
number regard these things as some form of censorship. I can't resolve that
kind of irrational response. An even smaller number think they should be on
Planet GNOME because they write rants about GNOME or KDE and think that's an
important contribution. That was never the intention of Planet GNOME. :-) A
substantial proportion of these issues have already been discussed in this

So, as the board noted earlier, I understand the problems, and have a plan
to deal with them based on the positive contributions to the discussion. I
will keep going with that.

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
   "Odd is good by the way. I knew normal in high school and normal hates
                            me." - Mary Gardiner

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