Re: Can we improve things?

<quote who="Federico Mena Quintero">

> > It's somewhat more intricate than that -- I'm writing it up atm, so
> > people can understand the decision making process (guidelines). That's
> > the first step. :-)
> Ping.  Any progress on this, so the editorial policy can be linked from
> Planet?
> Also, Dave's idea about having a co-maintainer for Planet didn't get any
> replies:
> When a code module's maintainership is sucking, what we do is let someone
> else take over.  The planet-web module shouldn't be an exception.
> [Yes, I'm volunteering for the co-maintainer position of Planet.]

I missed this at the bottom of the thread. Thanks for pointing it out to me
on IRC.

The module's maintainership isn't sucking in general, but there have been a
number of periods in which it hasn't been great. Please don't make this out
to be worse than it is, that kind of approach doesn't help resolve anything.

I've spoken to potential maintainership team members who already have direct
experience with pgo maintenance, and have been working on sucking guidelines
out of my head and into publishable form. What you're asking for is already
on the way.


- Jeff

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