Re: Can we improve things?

Jeff Waugh a écrit :
<quote who="Federico Mena Quintero">

But please don't ignore the question I asked:

Who's on the "potential maintainership team" for PGO, so that we may
inquire them about the progress?

Sorry, but I'm not going to get caught up in pointless crap like this. Some
folks may think it's okay to treat me differently as a result of attempted
character assassination, but you should know better Federico.

I've already said -- before your emails and after them -- that I'm writing
down the guidelines and will have a maintainership team in order to resolve
the minor maintenance issues with Planet GNOME. The potential co-maintainers
have already had experience doing so, and were asked months ago

By which you are really ignoring the question asked.

I do think people have been pretty clear that your deciding things all alone is the biggest part of the problem with planet gnome. What is your answer? "I'm doing something, don't ask" ?! Are you kidding?


Who will _perhaps_ get involved? A reminder of people who volunteered will do.

What are the _ideas_ for the future guidelines? A small list which explicitly says 'work in progress, don't flame' will do.

You've been asked to be more open, don't get annoyed if people are pissed by closed non-answers!


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