Re: [Evolution] all of my archived emails dissapeared

Hi Y'all,

I hate to steer this conversation towards a different direction ( back
towards my original email)

But, I still don't understand why even though I closed Evolution
properly using FILE > EXIT. That the next time I loaded up EVO and
clicked on my "Archives folder" that in the search bar at the top right
of the screen  still showed

When you exit a program, why on re launch does EVO remember your last
search? When you exit a program shouldn't that search box cleared
itself out on exit so on next launch you could search for something
else? Instead of displaying what you last searched for, the last time
you launched EVO?

I hope that made sense... It took me a while to make sure I worded that
paragraph above correctly. Shoo! < Laughing >

Thank you and take care!
-- Chris

Main Email address: chris cwm030 com
(Please send all off topic messages to my main address..Thanks)

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