Re: [Evolution] compile my own --- in addition to: Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

On Jun 9, 2015 19:19, "Tom" <tom prost-net de> wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 05.06.2015, 21:45 +0400 schrieb Emre Erenoglu: (...)
> > Note that Xubuntu 14.04 Evolution packages are pretty old, even
> > ancient (3.10 if I understand right). Even Vivid 15.04 has very old
> > packages. So I compile my own from time to time. Alternatively, if you
> > upgrade to Vivid 15.04, you can use Fabien Tassin PPA here:
> >  and use 3.16.x
> > which is relatively recent.
> >
> > Emre
> Hi,
> I'm often noticed - particularly on this list, that my Evolution
> packages are pretty old, even ancient (and here it's 3.2.3 as it came
> with Precise and it will doggonit stay as long as Precise stays or I'll
> find a safe way to do, what Emre Erenoglu does). But what is the
> (Ubuntu) procedure for that ?
Hi Tom,

If you are not experienced in compiling stuff, I strongly recommend you to upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04 and then simply add the PPA I've given to use 3.16 which is pretty OK.

If you are adventurous and don't mind to mess up your system with many dev packages etc, then I think you can do the following (roughly!)

The problem is to setup initial build environment. Then each new release, if it still is compatible with the system Gnome libs, compiles easily.

Here's what I do, but I may be missing steps since it's been a few months since I setup last build environment :

0) make sure you use Ubuntu 15.04, enable source pancake repositories. This below procedure may need updated library packages in the gnome3 PPA, I don't remember, so it may be needed to add that PPA first as well.
1) apt-get install build-essential
2) apt-get build-dep evolution-data-server
    This command will install all development packages needed for compiling evolution data server, which is the 1st package we need. (there will be some missing and some outdated!)
3) download and extract latest stable evolution data server. cd into that directory
4) run  ./
5) run ./configure --help and check options. I use --prefix /usr/local (unnecessary since it's the default) and some other options to disable some unused features (for my use case)
6) at this stage, you will probably have errors. You need to read and fix them. You may be missing auto tools packages, other SW needed for compilations, some libraries, or some library may be too old.
7) fix above by searching Google, installing packages, finding newer version of packages (Ie from next Ubuntu of Debian release) or installing them by manually compiling. (can create system instability)
8) re run configure with parameters and fix more problems that come up, until configure succeeds
9) run make
10) run make install

At this point, you will have evolution-data-server installed probably at /usr/local.

Do the same for evolution source file and then evolution-ews source file. Evolution is equally difficult and evolution-ews is easy.

Then you have latest version installed. Congrats!  Try to run it and see if it works.

In next update, download sources and try again. Newer release may render your build environment insufficient to compile again. There can be new or newer libraries needed, etc. So at some point you may need to upgrade to Kubuntu 15.10 or 16.04 for example to make your Evolution compile again.

Not that I use Kubuntu so my desktop environment is KDE. So I don't mind breaking Gnome libraries since the only Gnome app I use is Evolution.


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