Re: [Evolution] compile my own --- in addition to: Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 12:09 AM, Emre Erenoglu <erenoglu gmail com> wrote:

The problem is to setup initial build environment. Then each new release, if it still is compatible with 
the system Gnome libs, compiles easily.

Here's what I do, but I may be missing steps since it's been a few months since I setup last build 
environment :

0) make sure you use Ubuntu 15.04, enable source pancake repositories. This below procedure may need 
updated library packages in the gnome3 PPA, I don't remember, so it may be needed to add that PPA first as 

Yes, I checked in my system now, I have the Gnome3 PPA.asctivated in my system

6) at this stage, you will probably have errors. You need to read and fix them. You may be missing auto 
tools packages, other SW needed for compilations, some libraries, or some library may be too old.

Warning, there will be many errors. You need patience and internet
digging to fix them.

In next update, download sources and try again. Newer release may render your build environment 
insufficient to compile again. There can be new or newer libraries needed, etc. So at some point you may 
need to upgrade to Kubuntu 15.10 or 16.04 for example to make your Evolution compile again.

Here's the script I sometimes use to automate the git master
compilation once everything compiles fine. As it does not do any error
checking,it can render your evolution unusable as it may write
unworkable files over working version, despite errors happening on an
earlier compile command. So use it just as a guidance and do things
manually if you're really want to try. (PS I use it for bug testing if
a developer patches a bug)

Ths  script resides in ~/evo and run inside that directory:

#rm *.zip
### below commands download git master, but I recommend only stable releases.
#unzip -o ./
#unzip -o ./
#unzip -o ./
#cd evolution-data-server-master
### below autogen also configures evolution-data-server without gnome
and ubuntu online accounts (since I only use exchange), without ipv6,
without weather, with openldap support, without examples
#./ --prefix=/usr/local --disable-goa --disable-uoa
--enable-ipv6=no --disable-weather --with-openldap --disable-examples
#sudo make install
#cd ../evolution-master
### the below command configures evolution without autoar as I could
not get it to work, and without spamassassin, but I have bogofilter in
my packages so it compiles with bogofilter
#./ --prefix=/usr/local --enable-gnome-desktop
--disable-autoar --disable-gtk-doc-html --enable-smime --enable-nss
--disable-weather --without-help --with-openldap --enable-pst-import
#sudo make install
#cd ../evolution-ews-master
#./ --prefix=/usr/local
#sudo make install

All above lines are commented out with #, thus the script does not do
anything unless you remove the #.


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