Re: [Evolution] Why does not copy & paste work in separate monitor setup?

Yes, I know it's not the "normal" way but it's the way I have always 
done it... :) I am a developer and I run my IDE on one desktop on 
display 2 and my web browser on a different desktop on the same display, 
databaseadmin app on yet a different desktop, etc...
At the same time, I have terminal window open that tail logfiles on 
display 1.. And when I change desktop on display 2, I do not want to 
change desktop at the same time on display 1, if you see.... :)

As others have said you can achieve this (in Gnome at least) by making
a window "Always visible on workspace" or with Gnome3 you can keep
adisplay static while the other one has multiple workspaces on.  In
fact I have three displays with the desktop spanned across them,
however only the middle one has multiple workspaces - the two outer
displays are static.

Clearly then Evolution is accessing a different clipboard buffer on
each screen - I wonder if it's something to do with GTK rather than X
itself.  Do other pure Gnome applications show the same issues?

Can you mention some pure Gnome applications I can try?

Probably something like Rhythmbox?

Ultimately though, if you consider the cut and paste issues to be a
problem, then you need to file a bug report in Bugzilla.  At least then
it will be sure to be seen by those who can analyse it better than
here.  If you do file a bug report, please let this list know the
number so anyone searching the archives can follow it up.


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