Re: [Evolution] Why does not copy & paste work in separat e monitor setup?

On 16.07.2015 11:19, Pete Biggs wrote:
Why do you configure your screens in that way and not just span a
single screen across both monitors?  It's not a criticism, just
wondering if there is a different way to achieve what you want - having
multiple screens like this is not a "normal" way of doing things.

Yes, I know it's not the "normal" way but it's the way I have always done it... :) I am a developer and I run my IDE on one desktop on display 2 and my web browser on a different desktop on the same display, databaseadmin app on yet a different desktop, etc... At the same time, I have terminal window open that tail logfiles on display 1.. And when I change desktop on display 2, I do not want to change desktop at the same time on display 1, if you see.... :)

Ok, tried both and they both worked a couple times at first and then
the paste stopped working again... I can see the text I copied in
applications but they are just not there when I try to paste on the
other screen... (btw, it is the same when I try to paste something
into Evolution
from the other screen).

Clearly then Evolution is accessing a different clipboard buffer on
each screen - I wonder if it's something to do with GTK rather than X
itself.  Do other pure Gnome applications show the same issues?

Can you mention some pure Gnome applications I can try?


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