Re: [Evolution] Why does not copy & paste work in separate monitor setup?

OK, so you are running a single X server controlling two screens
(multiple X servers would be called :0.0, :1.0, etc.).  These
distinctions are subtle but important.

Aaah, did not know that... I guess that multiple X servers come into 
play with two graphics cards then?

Yes, although you can have a single X server controlling multiple
graphics cards.

Why do you configure your screens in that way and not just span a
single screen across both monitors?  It's not a criticism, just
wondering if there is a different way to achieve what you want - having
multiple screens like this is not a "normal" way of doing things.

Note, for those people who have commented elsewhere, a "screen" in X11
speak is NOT a monitor/display; having multiple screens is not the same
as having multiple displays - a screen can span display devices, or you
can have multiple screens on the same display using virtual terminals.

What I suggest you do is to install some form of clipboard manager -
clipit, parcellite, etc. - and then you can see what's actually being
cut and where the problem is.

Ok, tried both and they both worked a couple times at first and then 
the paste stopped working again... I can see the text I copied in 
applications but they are just not there when I try to paste on the 
other screen... (btw, it is the same when I try to paste something 
into Evolution
from the other screen).

Clearly then Evolution is accessing a different clipboard buffer on
each screen - I wonder if it's something to do with GTK rather than X
itself.  Do other pure Gnome applications show the same issues?


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