Re: [Evolution] Why does not copy & paste work in separat e monitor setup?

On 15.07.2015 08:46, Pete Biggs wrote:
 I was running Fedora 21 and Mate with Evolution 3.12.x (not sure
which verson of X). I have now just reinstalled my computer but I am
now running Arch with Openbox and Evolution 3.16.4 and X 1.17.2.
And I have the same problem on both...

Have you tried just running Evolution on a standard Gnome desktop
rather than using Mate or Openbox or whatever.

Don't think I have tried that... But all the other application I have tried works as expected, so it seems to be an Evolution specific bug..

Also, how are you doing the cut and paste? Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V? Right click
menus? Highlight and middle click? Edit menu?

I have tried them all, with the same result...

Finally, can I just check that you are running two separate X servers
on the two monitors and not just spanning your desktop across two

Well, when I say I am using two separate X screens I am.... :)


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