Re: [Evolution] Why does not copy & paste work in separate monitor setup?

Well, I did not include those information because it does not seem to 

Things like cut and paste are dealt with at some levels by the Window
manager and at others by the underlying X11 and sometimes by the
application.  So yes, it is important to know what desktop you're

 I was running Fedora 21 and Mate with Evolution 3.12.x (not sure
which verson of X). I have now just reinstalled my computer but I am 
now running Arch with Openbox and Evolution 3.16.4 and X 1.17.2.
And I have the same problem on both...

Have you tried just running Evolution on a standard Gnome desktop
rather than using Mate or Openbox or whatever.

Also, how are you doing the cut and paste? Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V? Right click
menus? Highlight and middle click? Edit menu?

Finally, can I just check that you are running two separate X servers
on the two monitors and not just spanning your desktop across two


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