[Evolution] Summary info does not match message.

Starting having an issue recently were the Summary information does not match
the message information.

Version: evolution-ews-3.16.3-1.fc22.x86_64

I am accessing an exchange server using ews.


From:        DB_Alert pod22 <xxx xxxx list xxxxx com>

Message:   From:    DB_Alert pod18 <xxx xxxx list xxxxx com>
                  To:    xxx xxxx list xxxxx com
                  Subject:    EM Alert: Warning: aaew_aaew1 - User Defined Metric staging_process_ran...

I have tried to re-sync things by the following.

1) stop evolution.
2)  remove the folders.db
./.cache/evolution/mail/1378488851 9580 27 dw-agagne/folders.db

3) restart evolution

No joy.  So I repeated these steps but also removed everything
under (./.cache/evolution/mail/1378488851 9580 27 dw-agagne/folders.db).

Still no help.


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