Re: [Evolution] Why does not copy & paste work in separate monitor setup?

Ok, I take your point... But since this only happens with Evolution 
no other applications, I am assuming that this is a problem with 
Evolution and not the system around it....

If indeed there were a problem with Evolution it would still important
to know the context. Not that many people have multiple monitor setups
and I don't recall anyone mentioning this problem before now, though
you might want to check Bugzilla.

I've run Evolution on multiple monitors since late 2008, spanning
Evolution version 2.28 through to 3.10.4, with 2 x 24" monitors until
2012, and 3 x 24" monitors since then, all in portrait rather than
landscape orientation. Copy and paste worked fine in all the above Evo
versions and time.

The multi-monitor annoyances that I have encountered have been non-Evo
things, like the login greeter orientation is wrong, the BIOS bootup
output orientation is wrong, and some desktops like early Gnome 3 seemed
to crash a lot. It's always been via one graphics card (Nvidia card
using proprietary drivers and then nouveau open source drivers until
2012, and on-board Intel HD Graphics Haswell card using open source
driver since then), so presumably it's always been one X server, set up
as one big desktop that stretches horizontally.

Other than that, I really can't tell you much about the X setup I'm
using, I just go with whatever the distro (Ubuntu) ships, and follow the
xkcd view of X11: . Though if you care about Evo
being up-to-date, I'd avoid Ubuntu, because unfortunately they don't
seem to care about keeping it current. Fedora and OpenSuse seem to get
good distro recommendations on this list as regards keeping Evo

-- All the best,

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