Re: [Evolution] Sync'ing desktop & laptop Evolution

On Sun, 2011-04-10 at 11:11 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
On Fri, 2011-04-08 at 17:28 +0100, Maurice Batey wrote:
On Fri, 08 Apr 2011 00:11:23 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
They are in Gconf. 
  I wonder why in earh they are stached there., and not in the
.evolution directory 
Because the Gnome standard says that they should be stored there. (And
anything beyond 2.30 doesn't use .evolution at all)

Evo was never designed to be cloned or synced in this way (or any
  I beg to differ with the "any other way ", Pete!
Yesterday I tried the Backup/Restore functions and found they worked
beautifully, and are so well designed and integrated.
  It took just a few seconds to create a backup and then restore that
into a trial installation of Evo on an other machine as a clone, which
is precisely what I had been looking for, to allow me to clone to the
laptop for a trip (and then clone back afterwards).

Backup/Restore is *not* sync.  You can have exactly *one* active worker
at any given time and they all must be the exact same version.
Backup/Restore is just backup-and-restore.

I used to try and find methods of keeping multiple copies of Evo in sync
- especially calendars and contacts, but mail as well.  Since I moved
everything on to servers and exclusively use IMAP/CalDAV/LDAP (either on
public or private servers), then things are much easier. 

+1 Groupware is the solution for this;  to morph the old adage - "those
who refuse to use groupware are doomed to recreate it" [and their
recreation will almost certainly be crap].

 At the last
count I had 6 copies of Evo all working nicely together, two of which
are laptops; it has the added benefit that my iPhone also plays happily
with it.

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