Re: [Evolution] Trash and Compose wierdness !? -[SOLVED -- I hope]

On Sun, 2009-08-16 at 19:25 -0400, Robert Seward wrote:
I regularly do expunge my Inbox. 5-6 times a day. My expunge problem
triggered by receiving an e-mail with a large attachment from my
mother-in-law. I know it is not fair to blame the mother in law but
is an easy target. ;-)

The morale of the story in my opinion, is to not keep all your e-mail
for the last decade in your current Inbox.

So in your case it was the "mbox file size" issue and not the "lack
of /tmp space" issue. The moral is not to let *any* local folder get
close to 2GB, not just Inbox.


PS Please don't top-post on this list.

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