Re: [Evolution] IMAP and Expunge

On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 13:52 -0700, Al Niessner wrote:
According to the manual (where the worms have not eaten yet anyway) and
the tests I performed to double check the documentation given yours and
Art's view of expunge, expunge means something different depending on
context. If a folder is selected, ctrl-e empties just that folder but
leaves the Trash folder in tact. Well, my 200 TB of trash is still there
anyway including messages that used to be in the folder (an IMAP folder
as I said before) that I expunged. Meanwhile, if I expunge the Trash
folder or "empty trash", then they all go. All that seems to be in
accord with the documentation. Sorry if there is a different idea of
what expunge means, but the documentation and system behavior agree in
this case.

Yes, I read about the virtual delete and figured the trash folder was
really just a reference to all of the messages that are hiding in other
folders. How it is actually implemented did not seem all that important
to me since it does have the behavior I am looking for. I can still
imagine how you can expunge a single folder without loosing everything.
If the email is copied to another folder (as move does with IMAP), then
expunging a folder should leave messages in the trash that exist in
another folder and have been deleted as well.

Anyway, I am glad to know that it is the expunge term that has been
causing the confusion. I am just glad that it works the way it does.

Sorry, I don't see where the confusion lies. Your definition of expunge
is exactly the one Evo uses, which is the standard IMAP definition:
permanently remove messages marked for deletion in a specific folder.

"Emptying the Trash" is simply the expunge action applied to all folders
with messages marked for deletion. In fact it couldn't mean anything
else given that IMAP has no inherent notion of a Trash folder and
different clients have different ideas of how to do this.


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