Re: [Evolution] IMAP and Expunge

It is all of the special behaviors of the Trash folder that I like and
use. The only function it has that I do not use is the empty function. I
am perfectly capable of not emptying the trash when exiting Evo and can
avoid clicking on it in the menus. Again I never asked Evo not to
support the emptying function. I simply stated that minus the empty
function, which I am free not to employ, it has all of the behaviors and
attributes that I am looking for.

But you say that you use Expunge - to everyone here that is identical to
"emptying the trash" - the "Trash" folder in Evo is a virtual folder of
all the deleted messages in all your folders - when you expunge a
folder, those messages disappear from the Trash folder.  If your Trash
folder doesn't work like that, then we are talking at cross purposes.

That is why people are talking about round pegs in square holes - the
trash folder is *not* a normal folder - in fact, it's not a folder at


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