Re: [Evolution] IMAP and Expunge

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 05:37 -0400, Pete Biggs wrote:
*My* way of dealing with things is as follows:  *all* mail is filtered
by the MTA on receipt, before anything else, into a dated archive
- I can thus retrieve any piece of mail I have ever received
spam!). Non-important incoming mail is then filtered by the MTA into
specific folders, the rest is delivered into my Inbox.  Evo does some
more filtering and I'm left with about 20 or so messages in my Inbox
day (out of 200-300 received).  I *delete* (and expunge) those I
don't want, all other messages are left, unmolested, in my inbox.
Periodically I move/rename my Inbox and start again. 

I guess I sympathize with Pete, and probably the opposite of Albert.  As
a mail administrator, I have the same experience (except "Sent" is also
cluttered with trash).

For my personal accounts, I filter every piece of expected mail using
filters.  I even have a filter called "People I know" that catches all
mail not otherwise filtered which comes from someone in my address book.
I flag as important, things I want to keep, and delete everything else
more than 15 days old (30 days if its still unread).

For my work mail, system messages and mail lists go to respective
folders.  Everything else comes to the inbox.  I read threaded.  Always.
When a job is done, the thread moves to a folder called Done.  Anything
more than 6 months old in Done gets deleted.  

I "Empty Trash" at minimum once a day, and occasionally every couple of

I remind myself that I don't need to archive valuable list mail, because
the list generally does it in searchable archives.

Art Alexion
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