Re: [Evolution] Slow Evolution - OWA - Evolution connector

On Wed, 2007-01-24 at 10:06 -0600, Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 1/24/07, Jules Colding <colding omesc com> wrote:

OK, I'm obviously biased here but I have a test environment with 4000+
messages per folder and evolution-brutus can work with that with no
problems whatsoever.

Anyway, I'm responsive so if you decide to try out e-b than I'm here to

I will definitly try the brutus route ... I want to exhaust what can
be done with the native exchange connector first, so that I can
compare "best to best" ...

While I have not yet seriously sat down to figure out how to
deploy/use brutus, I have looked through the docs a bit, and have
struggled to come to a "big picture" understanding of how it is
architected ... I've got a couple questions, do you have a moment to
address them?

Always :-)

1)Brutus must run on a windows box, which can but need not be an
exchange box. Correct?


One small thing... "Brutus" is the name of the framework. "Brutus
Server" is the name of the part that needs to run on the Windows box.

2)What "high level" kinds of config changes must be done on the
exchange side? Any user accounts required? Any connectors defined,

None. The only thing that might possible be requiring Admin rights on
Windows is that the user that the Brutus Server service runs under needs
a few special privileges. This service user can be a special, for the
purpose created, user or it can an existing user.

It is all detailed in the server README.

3)Can an EVO installation, use both the "exchange connector" and
"brutus" at the same time? (or is there an easy way to switch back and
forth, just for testing simplicity)?

I can't talk for evolution-exchange, but evolution-brutus is able to
tolerate if another process is messing around in its mailbox

You will just see two different mail account in the Evolution UI if e-b
and e-e are both enabled. They can be disabled or activated whenever you
want to.

4)is there a list of features/compromises that users will experience
that is compared to the experience using the exchange connector?

The e-b calendar handling is still a little less featureful than e-e,
but that will be taken care of no later than Maj 1. Maj 1 is my deadline
for the last bits and pieces feature-wise. At that point e-b will

*) The Exchange calendar with 95% of the bells and whistles
*) Contacts
*) Tasks (already implemented)
*) Mail (already implemented)
*) Notes

Later this year we-b will/should be able to traverse firewalls and do
SSL encrypted communication with the server.


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