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I was forced to Evolution from Thunderbird when we moved to exchange server from pop/smtp. Our exchange server doesn't have pop or imap access so this means the Linux users have to use Outlook Web Access to get our mail. This is a very slow and tedious problem.

At first I was using FC4 but have since upgraded to FC6 and evolution 2.8.2.

I had a large series of filters based on how I sorted my mail in Thunderbird. I would access my mail in the mornings when getting into work and be reading in a few minutes, even when there were over 1000 messages. Now it takes a very long time to get to a point of reading my mail. As an example, I started to access my mail at 13:08 with an inbox of 76 messages. I have a very basic filter to move all my mail to a local folder. This process took 6 minutes. In the morning, I am looking at almost an hour. This is not productive.

I tried to filter on the server but I just ended up with a mess and was accused of crashing the server once. This was due to the message line on the bottom of the UI was indicating 100% complete when it was only 100% complete on that particular message.

As a comparison, I copied and saved the messages to a mailbox that I accessed via Thunderbird and I could run multiple filters in seconds, including the mouse clicks to make them run.

Now, I have searched and searched for information on the evolution-connector but didn't have any luck. Where can I find documentation on this application? I didn't find anything on the Novell site.

As for the running of evolution, how do I get it to move the messages faster automatically? A simple filter to take all my mail in my inbox and move it to a different local box takes forever as stated. I think if I disable spamassasin it would work faster but the message posted to the mail list on December 12th never got a response, at least not to the list. Of course any reply may have gone to the OP instead of both or the list.

I have many other issues but these are the two that are affecting my productivity and ability to even look at evolution as an email client.

Robin Laing

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