Re: [Evolution] Slow Evolution - OWA - Evolution connector

On 1/23/07, Hans van der Merwe <hvdmerwe sunspace co za> wrote:

I have the same prob here - I use Thunderbird at home (GMail POP) and
forced to use Evolution in our MS only office.  Evolution (2.8.2) is
slow and crashes regularly (well not Evol, the backend service) - I
think its because the Junk filter and Mesg Filters are trying to move
the same messages.
At the moment I have a working solution - I open Evol, wait for all
messages (headers) to download, then wait for junk filter to complete -
then select all Inbox messages and hit Ctrl-Y (filter).
This seems to work most of the time.
I'm still debugging a bit - but will file a bug report when Im certain
about whats going on.

hmm ... I have this same problem. If the issue can be taken care of by
manually launching filtering after a full start, then that would
almost be a solution. However, I don't have that much filtering going
on -- in fact, very little.

I suspect that the issue is for me quantity of email ... I have many
folders and around 2500 items or so in exchange mailbox. When I last
purged many items out (down to a couple hundred) EVO was much better.

I just do not think that this connector is ready for prime time. I
have a customer who decided to wait on a project to move engineering
machines to SLED because EVO is so weak with exchange.

I wonder if the "brutus" connector is any better ... anyone tried it?


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