Re: [Evolution] Disable header changing in IMAP?

Jeff, go re-read the thread.

I saw extra headers from evo in my email - you and nigel decided to flame me because those weren't really there.  How was I supposed to know "show email source" doesn't show the email source accurately?  I'm also not the only one who doesn't care to have the true email source hidden.

You kept insisting I had evo filters misconfigured, no matter how many times I posted I have no evo filters.  Never once did you offer something to try, log, or send to get more info. 

You also still carry the assertion that spambayes is causing the problem, and thus you have blocked yourself from even considering evo.  I *know* sb makes a copy of the email, I started off telling you that!  The problem is evo is affecting purging of that copy.  My guess was the headers (again, how was I to know evo doesn't show you the real email source?). 

Now it looks like evo has issues with two things in the same imap account and also some cache issues with the delete flag.  This from your own posts, not mine.  I actually asked what would happen if the message was deleted outside of evo and didn't get an answer from you, just a smart ass remark about millionth's of a second.  You didn't exactly engage the issue, you just stuck to dening evo as have any possibility of having a problem.

Maybe I should asend to a place where I let backhanded insults roll off, but I'm not that enlightened.


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