Re: [Evolution] Disable header changing in IMAP?

*Thank you* Nigel :-)

This was the cause of my frustration as well. he didn't give us ANY
relevant information and so every time I was forced to draw my own
conclusions about his setup and then he'd flame me for not guessing



On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 10:19, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
Oh fuck this - I am really starting to lose it here....

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 15:05, Michael C. Neel wrote:
Ahh, so you have spambayes downloading messages, then changing their
headers, then re-uploading them?

Yes, it's what i've been trying to say =)

First damn clue I have seen that you have multiple imap clients messing
with the mailbox.

So yes, it would have saved alot of trouble if someone said this was a
'known issue' from the start, instead of telling my I didn't have my
setup correct.  Are there any workarounds for these cases?  And what
exactly is the root cause; if it's possible to alter source I can to
solve the problem.

Much as I hate to plug something from ESR could you read

I have been following this thread for the last 2 days and only in this
last couple of messages got any idea you have multiple imap clients
working here.  Meanwhile, as I said yesterday, I have seen all sorts of
strange theories about what the bugs in Evo could be without any decent
description of the problem and environment.

Last, I can tell spambayes to log all dialog with the IMAP server when
it run, very handy to see what it's doing.  It there a way to enable
it in evo that would help as well.  Barring that I can try with some
tcpdump settings, but I'm not sure I would know the source app talking
because the both log into the same server with the same account.

On -> support -> evolution and search for "traffic" to get
the Q&A "How can I get information about traffic between Evolution and
my mail server?".  I would post the URL but its longer then the damn

Please can I be taken off the CC list - 2 copies is already too many,
but this broken subscriber thats resending stuff to the header addresses
means I get at least 3 copies of each message in this thread.

[And finally, why is ^L (Reply to List) including everyone in the reply 
on the message I replied to...]


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