Re: [Evolution] each other mail hangs the machine


I hit the New button, write a mail, send. Ok.
I hit the New button, Evo freezes, Mozilla freezes after a while too,
finally I can write a mail, send. Ok.

I had similiar problem with Evo 1.4.5 few months ago... BTW your version
seems pretty grayhaired as well - not thinking about upgrade?

And this is like an infinite loop... Out of each two mails (precisely),
one of them hangs my machine (one works, one doesn't, one works, one
doesn't, etc).

Good to know it's not really infinite at the end :-)

I would like to at least be able to debug this... can anyone tell me how
to do that, too? :-|

You can use "strace" command - shutdown evo, then run from console
evolution --force-shutdown
strace -f -o/tmp/strace.out evolution &
tail -f /tmp/strace.out

This will preserve strace output for future analysis (the file tends to
be quite big, so be sure there's enough space in /tmp.

When Evo hangs, switch to the console (or xterm) you'd ran the strace
from and take a look what it is waiting for.

I'd guess it's some kind of weird socket...

My problem was solved by switching to 1st runlevel, deleting whole /tmp
content and back to 5th runlevel, from then it's OK. Strange, i know.

Take care


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