Re: [Evolution] Disable header changing in IMAP?

The X-Evolution-Source: header is tagged onto the message when you view
it in evolution - it only exists in the internal version being read.  It
is not written back to the imap server (not sure what happens if you
copy messages).

So Evo keeps an internal version/database of the mail as well?  What happens when the message is removed from the mail server while evo is creating this internal version?  Since a copy has to be made, the message id will change.

Again, this does not happen with evo closed, only running.  No I'm not using filters in Evo for my IMAP account (I have one inplace for a pop account, but there is no spam filter on it).

As an aside, can we not create fake headers when viewing message source?  When someone wants to see the real email source, show them that, not an altered version that doesn't really exist.  Bad enough tracking an email down though a spammers tricks, now my client doesn them too :/


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