Re: [Evolution] Disable header changing in IMAP?

sure you might, since presumably you are getting dups unrelated to
anything in Evolution itself unless the filters you created in Evolution
are duplicating the messages (which would mean you set them up wrongly,
not that they are broken).

As I've said it happens only with Evolution running.  It does not happen with Outlook Express.  I have one pop filter running on the local inbox, which isn't doing anything with the imap account.

well, this presumably takes place on the server, so is not an issue at
all with Evolution's IMAP cache.

SpamBayes does not run on the server...

>  so when spambayes completes and runs a purge the message is not
> purged.

If this theory is even close to being true, then your server-side
filtering solution is broken and has nothing to do with Evolution.

SpamBayes is not serverside.  Again, NIH so I'm sure you didn't even take a moment to see what spambayes is.

Quick list of imap filtering:

1. Download message, make it as deleted
2. Check message for spam clues, place results in headers
3. Upload checked version to server
4. Purge deleted message

Somehow, only when evolution is open, the deleted copy becomes undeleted.  Then purge does nothing.

This also happens on a co worker's system who uses spambayes and evolution.  I used balsa for a while today and the problem never occured, but when I opened evo again I had a dupe in the first 10 minutes.

it IS internal. do the headers exist on your server? no, hence they are

>   if it doesn't exist in the message, then you are going though steps
> to put it there on view.  why?  show email source should do just that,
> not show email source + special evo internal database values
> masquerading as email headers.

mailers are allowed to add headers to their internal repositories all
they want. In fact, I can't name a singler mailer that doesn't. Even
mutt and pine do.

But you *didn't* add a header!  So when I click "show email source" or "show full headers", don't show it!


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