Re: [Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

tir, 13.01.2004 kl. 22.29 skrev Patrick O'Callaghan:

Wrong. I haven't chosen to have no hierarchy and in fact have one.
It's just that my hierarchy is not the one built into Maildir, nor
the default one for Cyrus, but the alternate one for Cyrus. Therefore
I would like Evo to show it to me the way I would like to see it.
Every other mail client I use does this and there's no earthly
reason why Evo can't do it as well.

To illustrate: where does your Trash folder appear? How about your Sent folder?
If I'm not mistaken, they're in the middle of your folder list, in
collation order. In other words, you have the same problem as I do,
except you haven't noticed it's a problem (or you're just used to it :-)

You're obviously not called Patrick O'Callaghan for nothing ;) Irish
stubbornness with a Spanish accent.

I've sent you a screen print of the upper and lower thirds of my screen,
to show you you are wrong. Since no-one else on the list gives a damn,
I've sent it off list. See the sig below if you want to reply.


mail: billy - at -

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