Re: [Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

tir, 13.01.2004 kl. 19.45 skrev Patrick O'Callaghan:

Actually, what I was out after, was whether your directory hierarchy is
that of Maildir. I.e. top INBOX, hierarchy subdirectories with a dot in
front of each subdir name, like ".Trash". So that the hierarchy is

No. We don't use Maildir. There's no point with Cyrus; in fact I
don't know if it's even possible (on the server of course). As I
think I mentioned, the default for Cyrus is essentially the same
hierarchical form as Maildir, but our installation uses the alternate form.

O.k. Then you have chosen to have no hierarchy. Why in goodness name
should Evo choose to override you? Jeff and you would have appeared to
have answered your own question (write your own LOCALE

Now OP's Dovecot - but he would seem to have expired, given up hope and
gone away or something.


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