Re: [Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 09:58, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
man, 12.01.2004 kl. 11.27 skrev Farkas Levente:

I used mozilla mailer since about 10 years but now I try to move to
IMHO these are some very basic features and without it mozilla seems
tomore comfortable at least for me:-0

Just wanted to say that I went Netscape 4 -> Evo 1.0.0 thru to 1.2.x ->
Mozilla 1.4 (6 months Mozilla and now back to Evo 1.4.5). I'm *so* glad
to be back, I can't tell you.

I use both (Evo on Fedora RC1 and Mozilla on WinXP). Also MacOS Mail.

As far as Dovecot putting your INBOX halfway down your folder map, I
can't understand this. I use Courier - uses Maildir format - and mine
comes at the top. Maildir format organizes everything in a hierarchy,
with all subfolders as dot-name (".name") under INBOX. So INBOX itself
isn't one of the subfolders, and mine's at the top, where it should be.
My Evo is from RedHat, and  "subscribe to folders" is broken, so I can't
try that out for you - maybe there's a function there that you can find.

My IMAP server is Cyrus, but configured to use the many-rooted rather than
single-rooted tree, i.e. INBOX is just another folder, so I have the same
issue as Farkas. However the solution is not to change IMAP servers (even
if I could), because that wouldn't fix things like Trash, Sent or Junk
being sorted lexically. IMHO the way to go is either 1) allow the user to
rearrange the folder order to taste, or 2) put certain "special" folders
at the top, preferably with distinguishable icons. See Mozilla, Thunderbird,
MacOS Mail, etc. etc. The latter actually puts all the INBOXes in one place
(assuming you have several accounts), though I'm in two minds about that.

BTW, I have no problem subscribing to folders. Sounds like your IMAP server
is at fault. My Evo is the standard RedHat version (1.4.5) and worked
identically on RH9 and Fedora.


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