Re: [Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

man, 12.01.2004 kl. 11.27 skrev Farkas Levente:

I used mozilla mailer since about 10 years but now I try to move to
IMHO these are some very basic features and without it mozilla seems
tomore comfortable at least for me:-0

I'm sure others - like Guenther - who know much more than me can answer
you on individual points you raise. I know about half of the answers,
they know all of them ;)

Just wanted to say that I went Netscape 4 -> Evo 1.0.0 thru to 1.2.x ->
Mozilla 1.4 (6 months Mozilla and now back to Evo 1.4.5). I'm *so* glad
to be back, I can't tell you.

Mozilla has plus points over Evo and Evo has plus points over Mozilla.
For me, Evo's plus points are many more than Mozilla's. It's a matter of
getting used to Evo, when you've used Mozilla so long. When I moved back
at the beginning of November last, I kept on finding I missed Mozilla
things and had to force myself to use Evo, remembering how I'd liked it
so much. Now I can use either one (because I use an IMAP server too),
but only use Evo. Apart from anything else, I have my own LDAP server
and what you can do with contacts and users with Evo and LDAP is just

As far as Dovecot putting your INBOX halfway down your folder map, I
can't understand this. I use Courier - uses Maildir format - and mine
comes at the top. Maildir format organizes everything in a hierarchy,
with all subfolders as dot-name (".name") under INBOX. So INBOX itself
isn't one of the subfolders, and mine's at the top, where it should be.
My Evo is from RedHat, and  "subscribe to folders" is broken, so I can't
try that out for you - maybe there's a function there that you can find.

In short: Get used to using Evo. Yes, she has her warts and blemishes,
but they get fewer and less ugly with each new release.


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