[Evolution] Evolution pilot conduit problem

I am running Suse 8.2 with KDE, and have installed Evolution 1.4.5 using the
Ximian Red Carpet installer.
Using the Pilot Settings dialog, I have successfully communicated with my
Handspring Visor and obtained the user ID. When I press the sync button on
the Visor cradle, communication is successfully established between the Visor
and the PC.
However I cannot get the conduits to work successfully.
Backup conduit seems to work OK, and backs up my prc and pdb files.
I can enable the MemoFile conduite, but when I sync, no memo files are backed
up (no error messages).
If I try to enable the ECalendar, EToDo or EAddress conduits (using Pilot
Settings dialog) I get an error message "Unable to instantiate <conduit_name>
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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