[Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

I used mozilla mailer since about 10 years but now I try to move to
evolution. but I've got a few problems:
- on our dovecot imap server  when I open my mailbox INBOX is in the
middle of my foder list. it seems evo sort folders  alphanumericaly and
eg Drafts is before INBOX. is there any way to put the inbox as the
first folder? it very annoying:-(
- how can I import mozilla's addressbook? without it, it's very
difficult to use the mailer.
- it there a similar feature in evo like "collected addresses" in
mozilla? it's very useful and would be useful in evo too.
- I've got 30-40 (sub)folders and it's a happit of me (cause of mozilla)
to see the column list in "subject,from,data..." order. is it possible
to change the order in ALL folder? yes I know I can dot it by hand in
each folder, just drag the culomns, but IMHO it'd be useful to keep a
consistent look'n'feel so if I'd like to change the order than I'd like
to change in all folder.
- is there any way that the composer window remember the previous size?
I'd like a 80 characther wide editor window without resize it all the
- is there any way to switch to thread view in ALL folder?
- is there any way to jump to the next unread message and if I select a
new folder than jump the first unread mail in that folder?
- when I'm in a thread view it happend all the time, that I go to the
first unread mail start to read and delete. and after a few mails are
read and deleted suddenly a few unread mails appear above the current
mail, which should have to happend since I start with the first unread

IMHO these are some very basic features and without it mozilla seems
tomore comfortable at least for me:-0

just my 2c.

Levente                               "Si vis pacem para bellum!"

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