Re: [Evolution] move from mozilla to evolution problems

tir, 13.01.2004 kl. 15.50 skrev Patrick O'Callaghan:

But getting back to OP's original question: with Courier IMAP and both
Evo and Mozilla, INBOX is at the head of the hierarchy and is not sorted
- or collated (which actually means "compared").

Since I can't see your screen it's hard to be sure, but do you
mean INBOX appears at the top and your other folders are beneath
it and shifted slightly to the right, i.e. as a tree?

Yes :)

 If so, that's
entirely consistent with collating order since INBOX is the only
folder at the top level.

Exactly. That's what I was trying to point out. Must be my lousy
English. I'm trying to model it on GWB's newspeak - but I'm not always

 In my case, the top level is the root of
a tree of which INBOX is merely another branch, and in the folder
list is displayed in collation order, i.e. in the middle.

So I'd gathered. That's what the thread's about.

Hmmm, I guess I could define my own locale where the first letter
of the alphabet is I ...

Actually, what I was out after, was whether your directory hierarchy is
that of Maildir. I.e. top INBOX, hierarchy subdirectories with a dot in
front of each subdir name, like ".Trash". So that the hierarchy is


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