Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.4.4 performance on KDE 3.1


Sorry - catch up due to interleaved emails in strange order on the list!

I don't understand how it runs perfectly acceptably in the gnome desktop at that resolution (1280x1024x24bit) but not under KDE.  Also it's only evolution which exhibits the problem.  Other gnome apps (mrproject, gnomemeeting, sodipodi) under KDE are fine.

Doing the thing with the contact editor didn't tell me much either way.  It seemed a bit faster, but still 3 seconds to redraw the editor window.

The theme idea just didn't change anything - even Traditional. 

I'm going to install RH9 and dual boot tomorrow - I'll check it out at 16 and 24 bit under those versions of KDE and gnome.

I'm hoping to get a concrete feeling for what might need attention.

Best regards,


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